Friday, April 5, 2013


                    ©Sally's Bouquet, Pastel, 17 3/4 x 18 1/2 inch, St Germain

                           ART NOTES

When Sally posted the bouquet of daffodils  her hubby gave last year, 
 the nuances of the yellow spoke to me so much
that I asked for her permission to paint them
It only made sense to follow the direction 
of the flowers in the vase.
I was struck of the simplicity of a subject at home,
 with at the same time a very complex design.
Since my approach with pastel is more representational, it takes more time. 
From the background you see that I paint several layers on top of each other
using the cross hatch technique
Looking closer, you can find more colors than just green and yellow!
Even grays and browns are in here!
This was a lot of fun:)
What I like best about this rendition is that
 this bouquet unequivocally says "Spring!"
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  1. It sure does say spring and in an even lovelier way than did the original bouquet. I'm honored to have posted a photo that inspired this lovely painting.

    1. Am thanking your hubby, because he was the one who gave these flowers to you:)
      Can't remember what I told you last year, but you are free to use the image, as long as my name is visible. Have a great Spring Sunday!

  2. It's really a stunning piece!

  3. Thank you Karen! Easy when one has a stunning design to work with:)

  4. Your work is beautiful, Jesh! WOW!

  5. Your artwork always thrills me. It is so beautiful. Oh, how I wish I could sketch so well. This is an especially nice one. genie

  6. An exquisite painting. I see that the yellow colours are so brilliant and cheerful!
    I wish you a very happy weekend!
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  7. It's amazing, truly amazing that you can do this, and I think it came out beautiful!

  8. this is a truly beautiful bouquet. Great work Jesh.

  9. Your pastel bouquet is absolutely lovely. The turquoise in the background sets off the yellow so beautifully. genie

  10. Absolutely gorgeous and so lively!

  11. Lovely artwork.

    abcw team

  12. This is just so lovely, what a beautiful sight for the day!

  13. Beautiful interpretation of narcissus and spring.
    Joy - ABC Team

  14. What a joy seeing your art work. I love most any art and you do a super good job.

  15. Terrific painting; I'd LOVE that bouquet! Kate, ABC Team

  16. You're a very good artist!

    Festival of Nation
    Falling behind with letter N but trying to catch up before letter O rolls in.
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team


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