Thursday, December 6, 2012


For Alphabe - C
For This or That

This snowpatch was of a photo we made during our hike.
The mountains surrounding Big Bear Lake go up to 9000 feet
 and is about 2 1/2 hours away. Probably closest place
 to find snow around January.
It's a hike with spectacular views, not well known by tourists,
so the only ones we see are locals. 
It was too cold (for me) to really do
any serious work with pastels plein air.
In the beginning, I thought I had started too complex of a project,
keeping track of  all the shadows and twigs.
I didn't have Photoshop yet at that time,
so I couldn't blow up the details of this scene,
with many more colors than you can imagine,
like sienna, lemon yellow, orange, red, and
any thinkable nuance of blue, grey, and black.
I remember well, I worked on it every afternoon
at the same time in my living room,
when the light coming from outside was at its brightest.
After it was done, it looks deceivingly simple, doesn't it?

 PS Sorry, I didn't realize the word verification was on, I put if off now:)