Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Needless to say, I love elephants!  Especially the ones that roll in red dirt.

I painted, but Jose Hernandez took the beautiful  pic 
on his traveling blog of the real thing! 

 This is how I started.

 By the way,
if you are a beginner, please do not start out painting from a photo!
 On location (plein air), 
is how you you learn to measure things with your eyes, 
and relationships between colors. It will make the difference 
between becoming a mediocre or a good painter:)

Almost finished, but it lacks "something" 
that makes this animal look like he is  home in his environment.

In the first pic you'll see what I added.

Don't hesitate -
Any suggestions I can give you
to make your paintings better or more "out of the box"
write me:)