Sunday, November 18, 2012


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I was on a trip through Europe years ago where hubby drove a lot of hours
and I was bored, so I didn't look forward to the trip back.
I asked our East Germain host if they had an art store in their town
and bourght a small sketchbook with rough pastel paper and a box of six pastels.
That box of 6 Rembrandt pastels tells you then and there
I knew nothing about pastels!
I didn't know you had to layer the sticks to make nuances in a color. 
When the opportunity came, I bought 13 more in the next town!
But no, I didn't like it. It was not for me.
I missed the goeyness of the oil
or the watery sheen of the watercolor.
this going back to first grade!
So, it took 2 years, before I tried it again.
This is one of the first pastels -
about favorite roses from my yard
my guestbook and my favorite bear
I used in the therapy room for my child-patients.

Now I love pastels as a way to use my drawing skills more
 than I do with oil or watercolor.
Kitty Wallis paper is like sandpaper. To say it more technically,
it has "tooth," which means that the paper
can hold more layers than when it would be smooth paper.