Monday, March 11, 2013



Pier Cafe is close to the well known Coronado Bridge in San Diego.
Where you see the umbrella is the entrance patio,
connected to the busy board walk ,
entertained by mime artists, and bike carriages

It was a hot day, so I sat in the shade of a little building
on the side of a small outside platform, on my fishing stool,
with a backpack with my art tools, next to me.

A policeman came by and looked at me, my backpack, and my stuff.
Was I gonna jump, or did I have a concealed weapon?
When he was gone, I smiled, because it finally dawned on me
that he was checking if I really was just painting!

The challenge with this painting was to express the ambience of that moment.
In reality the siding on the building was a nostalgic and rustic faded brown,
but the windows looked super modern.
Since I wanted an idyllic look, I decided to use the long side,
had to extend the rocks side - not there in reality. 
This way it thrusts and points the scene upward to the sky.
I choose for warmer colors on the restaurant and the rocks
to match the sweltering hot day
I emphasized the rocks to lead the eye of the viewer into the painting.
Otherwise the restaurant would have looked as a cut-out,
appearing out of "nothing."

The sky reveals the cross hatch technique, a common technique used
for the pastel medium. Great for the Kitty Wallis paper with a lot of "tooth",
so I could put enough layers on it. (the more tooth, the rougher the paper
feels like fine sandpaper)

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