Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Needless to say, I love elephants!  Especially the ones that roll in red dirt.

I painted, but Jose Hernandez took the beautiful  pic 
on his traveling blog of the real thing! 

 This is how I started.

 By the way,
if you are a beginner, please do not start out painting from a photo!
 On location (plein air), 
is how you you learn to measure things with your eyes, 
and relationships between colors. It will make the difference 
between becoming a mediocre or a good painter:)

Almost finished, but it lacks "something" 
that makes this animal look like he is  home in his environment.

In the first pic you'll see what I added.

Don't hesitate -
Any suggestions I can give you
to make your paintings better or more "out of the box"
write me:)


  1. Very realistic painting ! I can just see him running towards me !

  2. Gattina,
    Thank you for visiting! I love elephants:)

  3. Love this piece of work. Well done. And I viewed another of your blogs, the one with the Mellow Yellow scene and the sweetest boy ever that says "frow" instead of throw. Adorable.

  4. Anni, thank you so much! Also for visiting here (and the watercolor blog)! These little kids should stay little:)

  5. Hello,

    Thanks so much for visiting me! You are very talented! Love this elephant.


  6. Wow, awesome paintings. I love the elephants! Well done!

  7. I don't know - I think this painting is perfect, and your elephant friend looks right at home! But then... are you familiar with the late Bob Ross, who taught painting in a show on PBS called, "The Joy of Painting?" I'd watch him create a beautiful landscape and think his painting looked both complete and perfect, and then he'd say something like, "Let's add a happy little tree right here" or "I'm going to put a little cabin in this meadow" and I'd nearly scream at the television, "No! Leave it alone! You'll ruin it!" But of course, whatever Bob added was always exactly what the painting needed, and only after he'd added it was the painting truly perfect. So maybe you'll come up with an idea for something to improve the landscape your elephant is contentedly romping through - but I still think it's perfect just the way it is. :-)


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